Thursday, March 11, 2010

Papers and Coffeebreaks...

Today I knew that the girls at work would be I brought in biscotti and nummy coffee creamer that we could try and sneak a 5 sec break with. Also, and this is a simple thing, the computers at work were acting crazy and only a few were working so I made sure everyone had their medication administration records printed out so they could give care to our patients while we waited for all the compters to come back online. Simple things really but they made the work day just alittle bit easier.
ONe would think that computerized charting would make the world and easier and sfe place...HA...not when the system goes on the fritz and you only have the desktop's to work from. Makes it alot hard to give patient care...but we did it and got thru...and most important our patients did not suffer or even know that we were having the computer off line...Thank Gods for IT is all I say.

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