Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bagels and the power of the Touch....

March 16th~ Today was a bagel day for the wonderful ladies at work...we work so hard to care for our patients that sometimes I like to bring in the goodie to bring cheer to their day. I am also going to include that I took five minutes out my absolute chaotic day (it was crazy busy at work) and gave my patients that little bit of extra we all always strive for in our daily work but dont necessarily always have the time for when "doing the tasks" I had two patients that could not talk, but they were in could see it in their eyes...a small gesture of a soft friendly hand brushing away a hair from a cheek showed me that one had that smile still in them...the other smiled and nodded his head after we were done doing his dressing change because I rubbed his back as the Dr. changed the dressing and when I asked him "if he was okay"; even though I had been told in report that he did not speak, he gave me a nod yes and a smile. Give Kindness and it shall be returned to you ten fold.


  1. I would love to know the artist who created Healing Touch. Is it your work? If not, can you provide the name of the artist.
    Lovely blog.

  2. Sorry just saw this comment...Not my work..wish it was...I found it when I googled images for healing touch...
    But here is the website that was with it :)
    hope that helps. If website does not work then google healing touch images and its on page 5