Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breakfast, YaYa wake Up call and digging for GraveYard dirt

This was my act of kindness for March 12th...was to tired last nite lol to blog: I got to work and no-one wnated to go home because thay all would have had to come back to work at 3pm...So I volunteered to go home....but that was not my actual act...Oh no I had a much big plan...I contatced my Sweet Dawn and because I knew she had been feeling lonely and missing her hubby I took her out to breakfast...

then went and did a surprise wake up call for our other YaYa Kelly :)

Dawn and I spent the morning together, which was nice for her (which was my intention) and nice for me because I never get to spend time with just Dawn and Angelus.

We went to a graveyard after our YaYa wake up call...and Dawn collected her gravedirt.... It has been along time since I have gotten to go to a graveyard and it was not because someone died but for the enjoyment of being there (Since last year in KY). I have always found that graveyards are peacful and calming to the least for me they are. I am glad that I was able to go on this little outting with Dawn.


  1. nice shot of my tits....I'm on to you woman!

  2. I tagged you....

  3. Oh and now I gave you the Beautiful Blogger award. I love your posts! Especially the Random Kindness ones of late. ;)