Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing about Nothing

So I just wanted to take a ah...breathe....Fred is upstairs bathing the Lil Miss and cleaning the bathroom at the same time LOL he amazes me. Today was a great day for don't get me wrong all days are good but some days are just a little bit more special. We did not do anything that was exciting LOL we went to the Social Security office for Fred to get his Earning statement and to get his credit report from another place; so he can apply to DPD. It was just that we were together and we were in the sunshine and we got to listen to our Lil Miss be happy and joyful...well for the most part LOL. She is after all 2 and 1/2. She was in rare form today though...My little Crane..she calls me and Fred her Momma and Daddie Crane....and then calls out: Karu is sweet and precious...and that was the nothing about nothing...though really it was something oh so sweet and special.

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