Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful Blogger...well maybe its the goal :)

Thank you so much Rosena
I am honored...and dont quite know what to say...I guess it is my goal to become more with this then just the shell of me.


1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So 7 things about me....

1) I was married before, some people know this, some do not...it lasted a brief moment in time...but that road is what lead me to the path I am on now.
So in the end I am grateful.
2) I do love classical music. Not a strange thing really, because I like all kinds of music. Though it allows me an outlet I don't have with other types of genres. makes me think.
3) I have tattoos, yes I know most people who know me know this, but some don't lol. All my tattoos have a reason for them and they are all in places that can be hidden.
4) I love my coffee at 110 degrees (instantly consummable) and my Tea hot as hell... I know I am weird.
5) Speaking of Coffee...I am for the most part a coffee snob..or so the Hubby tell me... I like my flavored coffee what can I say....
6) I am not really a girlie girl...I dont know how to fix my hair with rollers or really how to apply foundation...I can do basic makeup though that is for the most time never LOL
7) I am very flexible...which most people would not think seeing as I am a bigger girl...lots of curves to move around here...

Here I am passing this awards on: And yes I know its only 9....

1) Jess @ I just want to make my intentions clear Because its new and fresh
2) Dawn @ Domestic Witch Because she is what i strive to be.
3) Raven @ A day in the life of a Domestic Enchantress Because we all need a bit of Hoodoo and Black Magic in our lives ;)
4) Melanie @ The Old White Cottage
5) Willow @ Life at Willow Manor Because i like the way she reports on the ongoings in the manor :)
6) Mrs. Q @ Fed up with Lunch: The School Lunch Project Because they are letting us into a world we has parents and outsiders don't always get to see....Scary stuff I am telling you.
7) Dani @ Magickal Mommy She really does give a nice spin on being Pagan, Mommy and Woman :)
8) Cairelle @ Magickal Musings Because I just found this today and it looks amazing :)
9) Tara @ Misadventures of Tara She is part of what inspired me to become a Blogger :)

As I am fairly new at this...I have not amassed the huge Blog reading list yet LOL and of Course I give big Kudos to Rosena...though did not Tag her seeing as she started this adventure for me :) lol

Friday, March 19, 2010

Road Trip...sorta...

Today's act was to take a quick out of the way road trip to bring My Amanda (or Man as I call her) some things she left at my place...she had been at my house earlier in the day and left her big carpet bag and cleanse drink at my house. I was not actually going towards where she was when I was out running my errand today but made the trip out to her anyway because she needed her stuff. It was a small act but one that was much appreciated, as it saved her a trip back to me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MeMe treats...

(this pic is from Joe's last nite but its the only one I have of them eating)

So today's act of random kindness was to pick up my sister in law from where she is doing her externship for Medical Assistant and take her to lunch and hang out with her for a bit. She works so hard and I hope that when school is done she will be able to get a job as an MA :) She so deserves it. So TK and I grabbed her and then after lunch we went to Petco and Kohl's and just meandered around till it was time for MeMe to go back to the Dr's office.

No chores for you mister....NOW read....

MArch 17th~ Let the Hubby enjoy the evening with nothing to do...I took care of the evening house chores. You know the bathing the Munchkin and getting her ready for bed, the straightening up the kitchen and living room, those small things that are just time consumers. This way he got to read the Munchkin her story and do the nitely ritual of brusha brusha :) It allowed him a small bit of downtime to himself....

Bagels and the power of the Touch....

March 16th~ Today was a bagel day for the wonderful ladies at work...we work so hard to care for our patients that sometimes I like to bring in the goodie to bring cheer to their day. I am also going to include that I took five minutes out my absolute chaotic day (it was crazy busy at work) and gave my patients that little bit of extra we all always strive for in our daily work but dont necessarily always have the time for when "doing the tasks" I had two patients that could not talk, but they were in there...you could see it in their eyes...a small gesture of a soft friendly hand brushing away a hair from a cheek showed me that one had that smile still in them...the other smiled and nodded his head after we were done doing his dressing change because I rubbed his back as the Dr. changed the dressing and when I asked him "if he was okay"; even though I had been told in report that he did not speak, he gave me a nod yes and a smile. Give Kindness and it shall be returned to you ten fold.

Extra hands...

March 15th...I worked but was not a staff RN that day, it was my last day to be out of staffing and doing paperwork. The day was a bit chaotic as they seem to be as of late and I helped my fellow RN's out as much as I could. Sometimes that extra hand helps more than one can think....and at the end of the day...we all went home knowing our patients were well taken care of and that the job was done :)

Nummies for the Hunnies :)

March 14th....I got up early and made the loves of my life some breakfast :) On Sunday mornings the Hubby usually makes us breakfast when I am home but I let him and the Lil Miss sleep in and made nummies for us. They were just about ready when they finally woke up. I am learning that it is these small and simple things that make for a wonderful exsistence. I do like the feeling I get knowing that I had a hand in brightening someone's day.

Scratch and Sniff...not so much

So my random act of kindness for March 13th was a very simple one...My Hubby HATES cleaning the litter box but it is one of his chores...we try to share the house work...so as I was cleaning up the laundry room which is where the Kitty's box is I deceided to clean the box for him. A small gesture but none the less it made his day. :)

Finding the path of one's lost way....

So I was very faithful about posting everyday and then I got lost...work and the kid and the Hubby all got me LOL. See what happens when you get home late one night and don't make your post...the snowball effect. Then when you try to pull yourself back together, you realize how lost you are off the path...so after digging thru the underbrush and pushing the shawl of laziness off of myself I am sitting down this afternoon and playing catch up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breakfast, YaYa wake Up call and digging for GraveYard dirt

This was my act of kindness for March 12th...was to tired last nite lol to blog: I got to work and no-one wnated to go home because thay all would have had to come back to work at 3pm...So I volunteered to go home....but that was not my actual act...Oh no I had a much big plan...I contatced my Sweet Dawn and because I knew she had been feeling lonely and missing her hubby I took her out to breakfast...

then went and did a surprise wake up call for our other YaYa Kelly :)

Dawn and I spent the morning together, which was nice for her (which was my intention) and nice for me because I never get to spend time with just Dawn and Angelus.

We went to a graveyard after our YaYa wake up call...and Dawn collected her gravedirt.... It has been along time since I have gotten to go to a graveyard and it was not because someone died but for the enjoyment of being there (Since last year in KY). I have always found that graveyards are peacful and calming to the soul...at least for me they are. I am glad that I was able to go on this little outting with Dawn.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Papers and Coffeebreaks...

Today I knew that the girls at work would be stressed...so I brought in biscotti and nummy coffee creamer that we could try and sneak a 5 sec break with. Also, and this is a simple thing, the computers at work were acting crazy and only a few were working so I made sure everyone had their medication administration records printed out so they could give care to our patients while we waited for all the compters to come back online. Simple things really but they made the work day just alittle bit easier.
ONe would think that computerized charting would make the world and easier and sfe place...HA...not when the system goes on the fritz and you only have the desktop's to work from. Makes it alot hard to give patient care...but we did it and got thru...and most important our patients did not suffer or even know that we were having the computer off line...Thank Gods for IT is all I say.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

college and so much more...

Today's act was to take time out of my day to help my 16 year old neice with her college application so that she can hopefully get into a special program at MCC that will allow her to graduate with her high school diploma and an Associates degree in the next 3 years...she is in 10th grade right now. It was not something I had to do but I want her to have all the best possibilites she can...and it had to be done today as the application was due tomorrow and her Mom is slammed at work...so fingers crossed...she takes the Compass exam on the 20th.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's random act was more for me and my Little one....We went to the library and seeing as the weather was amazing we went to the park across the street. TK was having a hard time maneuvering the muddy landscape so I took the imp to a nicer park that was a bit out of the way of our next stop after park time. It was taking that extra few moments to make her playtime more enjoyable. She was so happy though because she got to run around and not get stuck in the mud. Doing these acts has made me more mindfully of others and what I can do for them.
My hope as well is that my darling daughter will learn from her Momma's escapades and become a giving, kind human being.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Preggo Eggo's and the Flowers they get....

(these are not the actual flowers)

So I found out today as I was getting ready to drive up to work to get my TB test that Brandi one of my co-workers is pregnant...it was cute she sent me a txt saying her "eggo was preggo" Love it :) So I did not even think twice about it...I stopped on the way up to work at the florist and bought her simple flower arrangement and Ballon that said " Babies are a Blessing" and took it to her at work....
I am so Happy for her and her Hubby....she will be an awesome Mom and I know she is so excited :)

Bringing the Doughnuts while making em...and alittle Bat Wings and Fairy Dust...

So I meant to blog this last nite...but got to compfy on the couch with Hubby watching the Oscars....Sunday's act was one I brought doughnuts to work...to make the day a bit sweeter. And I also gave a new Mom (on of our nurses) some advice as well as homeopathics to help with her little one as I has heard she was at her wits end (her little guy is breastfed~yeah~ but when she goes to work at nite he would not take the bottle from her hubby; thats a bad thing because he is going without anything for like 14 hours.) So hopefully it will work for them the things I brought for her.

I am truly enjoying thinking about ways I can make people's lives a little bit brighter....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is for my YaYa's...I need not say more....I love you one and all.....you are my true friends and sisters of heart...And Man....you of all people need to know the value I hold of you and who you are; and what you have shown and taught me....Love and Blessings to you ALL!!!!!

Power of Touch....

So today's act of random kindness was important to me....made me feel better as a Nurse and as a person. We have a 92 year patient that is on Dialysis and unfortunately with the Dialysis the patients tend to have horrible cramps, esp in the legs. There was not much I could do for the legs but I went in and rubbed his back as he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He is not my patient, I just know he is suffering and wanted to do what I could to attempt to make him feel better in anyway...and if spending that 5 minutes out of my crazy day and helping him would do it, then I was going to try. I may not have taken away the pain but I did distract him for a bit and that helped him :) The power of touch astounds me always.

I do believe that we as a humans are losing touch with one of the most basic of necessities. The need and want for human physical contact. I have another patient who is at the end stage of dementia...everyone tells me "oh she spits, she will not let anyone give her care etc" and yes she can be mean as spitfire....but I went with the lab tech so the patient could have her blood drawn. I gently spoke with her, I touched her arm ( without the feel of gloves... simple human skin to skin contact) I let her know, that yes this will hurt but only for a brief moment...and guess what...the lab tech was able to draw her blood on the first try. Amazing right??? I think not really...I did nothing crazy..I simple touched my patients in a way that allowed them to feel human and in my eyes valued.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bagel Bite.....

For this days act I brought Bagels to work....Today was a crazy insane day and for some of us it was the only break we got was scarfing down a quick Bagel...so I am glad that I was able to nourish the bellies as well as the hearts of my co-workers.

On another note...I am going bak to just being a floor RN. I will no longer be working on paperwork one day a week with the Boss's. Not because of anything I did but because it is no longer in the budget. I cant say that I am surprised is all. We will see what things happen in the near future....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch and then some...

So today I had my Lovely Raven and her Lil Miss TL to the house and we had a wonderful lunch and then got to just sit and chat...the girls played together and it does my heart good to see them get along so well. TK was laughing so hard at moments it was infectious...you could not help but laugh too. The chicken shawarma was nummylious as always...Then we went to Amanda's and Raven got to see her and I kept an eye on Miss TL so Raven could spend the time she needed :) it was a great afternoon...the girls ran thru the shop chasing one another...loved it...my hearts full :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing about Nothing

So I just wanted to take a moment...to ah...breathe....Fred is upstairs bathing the Lil Miss and cleaning the bathroom at the same time LOL he amazes me. Today was a great day for us...now don't get me wrong all days are good but some days are just a little bit more special. We did not do anything that was exciting LOL we went to the Social Security office for Fred to get his Earning statement and to get his credit report from another place; so he can apply to DPD. It was just that we were together and we were in the sunshine and we got to listen to our Lil Miss be happy and joyful...well for the most part LOL. She is after all 2 and 1/2. She was in rare form today though...My little Crane..she calls me and Fred her Momma and Daddie Crane....and then calls out: Karu Karu...it is sweet and precious...and that was the nothing about nothing...though really it was something oh so sweet and special.

Down Home Cookin'

My act today was to make a home cooked meal for the whole family...yes I know that does not sound like much but as of late we tend to go out to eat (ever since my MIL passed away last year). That in itself has challenges lol when your taking a 2 and 1/2 year old. So instead I got up early and started my home-made beef stew and let it cook all day and my family (Hubby, TK, FIL, and MeMe-SIL) all got to sit down and eat a warm comfort food meal and we enjoyed each others company...oh and I also stopped early this am and grabbed fresh bread so double yummo. I know that its the simple things that are important and I am finding that more and more. I just need to remember to apply this to my own life and exsistence.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Indian Food delivery....

So today was day number two of Dawn's Random Acts of Kindness Campaign....TK and I went and took Miss Amanda lunch out of the blue, because she had an absolute full day with really no time to get herself lunch :) So in order to make sure she eats and eats well we fed her. It feels good to do something for someone when they are not at all expecting it. And even better to do it with nothing in return expected.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies anyone?????

So I am starting my random acts of kindness, and I would like to think we are off to a good start....I was at work today and the highly coveted Girl Scout cookies were delivered. As I was try to get one of our dementia patients calmed down by offering her some of the highly coveted cookies...(which by the by she told me she did not need "cuz I have cookies at home and thats where I am going") lol, her roommate overheard me and was "wondering" were there any shortbread cookies....So how could I say no to the Little 80 something year old Lady who was not feeling well....nope I handed over some of the fabulous and delish Shortbread cookies and got a big smiel and I am sure even a giggle :)