Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Beginnings....

So the end of Sept is here and with it brings the month of the Witch, the beginning of a new Witch's year, so what better time to re-establish my blog, re-open my eyes to the whole of me...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Something new :)

So you know you....I am in true amazement everyday of my little girl. She does things every day that just make me laugh and at times cry. Cry because she is becoming a big girl. I am still in awe that I am a Mom and that she has been here almost two years now. I truly hope that we can make this world a good place to be and I try everyday to do that. I am scared, I wont lie...but I do my best to do what is best for her and all those that I love around me. Daily life sometimes is crazy and I have to stand back and look at what all I have and who all is in my life and that allows me to reflect with happiness and joy. I have learned that it easier to just smile at the day and take it in stride. I have great hopes that this will be reflected in my little ones outlook on life too. Oh don't get me wrong life is not all sunshine and fluff. Yet one has to be able to take the bad and the hard and just use it to ones advantage. so that was what was floating around in my head right now LOL so I will leave it at that. Blessings to all :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I thought I would try my hand at this as well......Polyvore here I come.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


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A Tear Fell
by Marge Tindal

I shed a tear today
Silently, I felt it fall
You caught it
shared it
held it
felt it
it wasn't
so big
after all

Friends...need I say more...thank you to all that have been there, and it need not have been in word or deed but in thought and prayer and care. Thank you...I can only hope that I can share that for mine as well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A need

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So I keep thinking about going out and getting some great latte or other frothy goodness. Just the feel of the warmth of the hot creamy coffee and soy mixture going down my dry throat is making me foam at the mouth. HHHMMMMMM Coffee the Gods are truly good to us in letting us have it. It sometimes is hard to distinguish between a need and a true want LOL at this moment I would say its a need. How true is that though that so many of us always say I need this and I need that when in actuality we want and not that wanting is bad....but sometimes we as a people have to understand the difference. What truly is a need for any of you out there...what is a want....