Saturday, April 28, 2012


I embarked on a new adventure...I went out of my comfort zone and applied and interviewed for a new job...I am hoping to be hired by Hospice. I know that this will be a hard position but it will also be rewarding... I need something to put that spark back into what I love to do. I know I am good nurse but I want to do more. I know that with a position like this I can find that. It is also a wise choice for our family. I will allow me to get my child to school and either myself or Hubby can pick her up and this way she does not have to spend forever in latch key. We will also be able to have a more structured home life with a set schedule. Which will hopefully allow me to get back to exercising and eating correctly. So we will see....


  1. well that was a no go :( Did not get the job...

  2. And I was wrong LOL Have been working for Hospice now for 6 thing I have done in regards to my career :) I have done many other great things LOL