Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A need

originally uploaded by pixellated spiff.
So I keep thinking about going out and getting some great latte or other frothy goodness. Just the feel of the warmth of the hot creamy coffee and soy mixture going down my dry throat is making me foam at the mouth. HHHMMMMMM Coffee the Gods are truly good to us in letting us have it. It sometimes is hard to distinguish between a need and a true want LOL at this moment I would say its a need. How true is that though that so many of us always say I need this and I need that when in actuality we want and not that wanting is bad....but sometimes we as a people have to understand the difference. What truly is a need for any of you out there...what is a want....


  1. I need sleep... lol and I want... a nanny! LOL


  2. Your making me foam at the mouth!! i still havent have cream or sugar in my coffee for lent. This post about killed me!! the picture looks soooo gooooood. I may have to host a coffee house chat after lent and enjoy my first latte with you

  3. Angelus spied the picure of Trinty and Fred at the bottom of your page and giggled. Angelus misses his "baby"